Summer School on Argumentation: Computational and Linguistic Perspectives

September 4th - 8th 2014

Student Session Programme

Session 1: Theoretical aspects
Chair: Mathilde Janier
14.00 - 14.35

Claudia Schulz
Argumentation as a tool to explain Answer Set Programming

Bas van Gijzel
Relating, implementing and formalising argumentation models using the Curry-Howard correspondence and other functional techniques

Sylwia Polberg
Intertranslatability of Abstract Argumentation Frameworks

Session 2: Argument mining & recognition
Chair: Mathilde Janier
14.35 – 15.10

Dominik Lahmann
WebDi: Improving web-based discussion systems by NLP and visualization techniques

Andreas Peldszus
Annotation and Automatic Recognition of Argumentation Structure in German Text

John Lawrence
Mining Arguments From Philosophical Texts Using Topic Based Modelling

15.10 – 15.40

Coffee break

Session 3: Applications & real-life practice
Chair: John Lawrence
15.40 - 16.15

Marzieh Asgari-Targhi
Everyday Causal Argumentations

Saliha Minhas
Ascertain Quality of Narrative Sections of Annual Reports

Luisa Pinto
The Neural Basis of the Relevance Judgement Process

Session 4: Discourse analysis
Chair: John Lawrence
16.15 – 16.50

Maciej Hulicki
Identification, Transformation, and Structuration of Argumentative Information in Substantive Patent Law (SPL) Cases

Joonsuk Park
Modeling the Support Structure of Arguments in Online User Comments

Olena Yaskorska and Mathilde Janier
Dialogue structures description for debates, financial discourse and mediation discourse

A prize of 100 GBP has kindly been provided by the Journal of Argument and Computation and will be awarded to the presenter of the best position statement. The winner will be announced at the welcome reception on board RRS Discovery.